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          • China Photovoltaic Industry Association established in Vietnam
          • The road to life after education
          • US to maintain strong presence in Middle East
            The province has been under severe drought due to high temperatures and little rain of late. [2018/2/30]
            >Graduating cadet Caleb Guzik (R) from Virginia Beach, Virginia, is embraced by his father Steve Guzic after Caleb graduated with the class of 2013 from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, May 25, 2013. [2018/2/21]
            New air routes and added flight frequencies and easier visa procedures to South Korea have once again pushed up the number of visitors to the country. [2015/8/20]
            Chinas stocks rallied in 2014 after years of slump, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index closing last year with a 53 percent surge, its biggest annual gain since 2009. [2015/4/5]
            Fakhruddin Ahmed, former prime minister of Bangladesh, has suggested the construction of a road from Kunming to Bangladesh through Myanmar. [2017/3/14]
            The teenage pregnancy rate in England and Wales fell to 34,633 in 2010, the lowest rate since 1969. [2016/7/30]
            The Chinese version of Forbes published its 30 under 30 listing of entrepreneurs early last year. [2018/2/18]
            BEIJING - Annual reports from Chinas listed state-owned firms show their top executives were generally paid less last year as reform of Chinas bloated state sector targets executive income. [2015/10/1]
          Banks in Beijing raise mortgage rates further to cool property market   更多>>
            Dashuying is the biggest village area within the second ring road of Kunmings city center, and houses there look the same as they were decades ago. [2015/2/15]
            Aimed at promoting China-Myanmar public healthcare cooperation, the program of Brightness Journey-2017 was launched at the Sao San Htun Hospital. [2017/2/24]
            By comparison, the national standard stands at 35 micrograms per cubic meter. [2018/10/29]
            Rescue efforts are under way, although rescuers had to halt their work on Monday due to fears of new landslides. [2019/5/3]
            The pronunciation of 1314 (Jan 4, 2013) is similar to yi sheng yi shi (love you for a lifetime), making it one of the most romantic days on which to wed. [2015/1/8]
            The discussion, moderated by Euan Rellie, senior managing director at Business Development Asia, also included panelists Hans Allegaert, executive director of CITIC Capital Partners; Shau Zhang, partner, Americas tax leader of China Overseas Investment, Ernst & Young; Savio Tung, CEO, North America, Investcorp; and Wendy Li, shareholder with the Greenberg Traurig law firm. [2018/8/18]
            A joint feasibility study on an EU-China FTA will convince many stakeholders and will inspire Chinas motivation furthermore. [2016/9/31]
            A large contingent of police had been deployed minutes before they left house for the airport. [2016/6/15]
            Some of the Chinese navys commanders speak Russian but most Chinese officers dont, so interpreters are indispensable, he said. [2019/9/25]
            [Photo / China Daily] Chinas economic slowdown has led to weak demand for iron ore and coal in the domestic and overseas markets as the nations steel producers and power plants reduce production and generation, analysts said. [2016/12/24]
          学术动态   更多>>
            does not give asylum to terrorists, and sends them back to China as soon as possible. [2015/2/30]
            So far, 18 dogs have been bred and trained. [2015/10/3]
            In April, the court sentenced Qin Zhihui, better known by his online alias, Qin Huohuo, to three years in prison for defamation and disturbing public order. [2018/11/19]
            VANCOUVER - The date of birth may affect ones chance to climb up to the topmost corporate position in future career, a Canadian study shows. [2019/12/04]
            Students learn how to balance on unicycles in Haikou, South Chinas Hainan province, Aug 28, 2013. [2015/5/27]
            According to Xiao, the 12th Games has attracted 9,770 athletes from 38 delegations, including 5,220 male and 4,550 female, to particiapate in, a slightly but compelling fall from the last editions 10,991 of 46 delegations. [2016/5/8]
            Zhang Lei / for China Daily Floods affect 480,000 in province, with about 30,000 evacuated Two people were killed and 21 others remain missing after a landslide in Dujiangyan, Sichuan province, on Wednesday. [2017/9/3]
            We also know that China has a long history of five thousand years of civilization. [2015/4/29]
            The city has come under the increasingly secure control of insurgents since Saturday. [2017/2/12]
            The first intake of students, who will start their classes at Tsinghua University in Beijing in September, will comprise 80 students from China and 30 from overseas. [2019/12/6]

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